Are you sleepy after a workout?

Are you sleepy after a workout?

Why you are sleepy after working out?

One of the main reasons for working out is to gain energy. So, it must be baffling to feel sleepy after a workout, right?

When this happens, especially in the morning, it leaves one wondering what went wrong. Well, according to science, doctors, and fitness experts, the following 5 things are the reason why.

1. You are not getting enough sleep

The importance of adequate sleep, for the proper functioning of the body, cannot be emphasized enough. You are probably sleepy after workouts because you aren’t getting enough rest to start with.

One of the main reasons for working out is to gain energy. So, it must be baffling to feel sleepy after a workout, right?

When this happens, especially in the morning, it leaves one wondering what went wrong. Well, according to science, doctors, and fitness experts, the following 5 things are the reason why. 

The minimum recommended time to sleep is 6-8 hours. Sleep is essential for repair, rest, and replenishment of resources necessary for our day-to-day. Anything short of the recommended time means your body is not ready to take on strenuous tasks such as workouts.

Fitness experts recommend choosing sleep every now and then over working out when you feel too tired to exercise. You need the rest for your muscles to heal and properly absorb the energy needed for workouts. The less time you sleep; the less energy you will have for your workout. This will cause you to get worn out fast and feel sleepy afterward.

2.You are eating poorly

The second reason why you are falling asleep after workouts is that you are eating poorly. Food is the fuel that helps the body breakdown fats and sugar into energy during your workouts.

Lack of food before and after your workouts results in reduced energy. Making you feel drowsy after workouts.

The science behind workouts is that your muscles need the energy to handle exercise activities. This energy is derived from the sugar in the blood. The sugar in the blood is gotten from the food we eat.

Therefore, contrary to the misguided notion that you burn more fat when exercising on an empty stomach. You actually burn less fat and end up tired and sleepy when you work out hungry.

Doctors and fitness experts advise you eat a light meal of healthy carbs 2 to 3 hours before your exercise. After your workout, you are also advised to eat a light protein and carbohydrate meal to restore depleted energy stores.

3. You are not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water before or after your workout will result in drowsiness. About 60% of your total body weight is made up of water. When you work out, you lose this water through sweating.

Biology 101 shows that water is used to breakdown nutrients, cool your body, and cleanse your system. When working out, your body’s heat rises, hence the need for water to cool you down. This water comes out as sweat.

So, if you haven’t been drinking enough water, chances are you will get dehydrated. This means your muscles won’t get the energy and oxygen needed. Leaving you fatigued and ultimately sleepy after the workout.

4. Type and intensity of work out

The intensity of a workout defines how hard your body needs to works to perform an activity. As such, the more intense the exercise, the harder your body has to work. This in result, wears you out more.

The duration and intensity of your workout determine how you feel afterward. While short moderate exercises result in bursts of energy, longer more vigorous ones wear you out. This is especially so for beginners.

5. Medical Condition

If you are sleeping enough, eating well, and staying properly hydrated, but still find yourself sleepy after workouts. Then you might want to see a doctor.

There are some conditions like heart and thyroid diseases which could be keeping you sleepy. In such cases, it’s good to seek medical assistance.

How to stop feeling tired after an exercise

With the causes mentioned above, it's easy to see some of the things that are making you sleepy after workouts. You can remedy these issues by

1. Getting Enough Rest

Get enough rest before your workouts by going to bed early. Ensure you sleep enough. It’s advisable you sleep and wake up at the same times daily.

If you wake up tired, consider pushing the workout to a later time in the day. This way, your body will have enough time to adjust and get ready for the workout.

2. Eat well

As mentioned before, food is the fuel that helps your body burn fat. Eat a healthy meal of carbohydrates or proteins before and after your workouts. With the right kind of foods, you should be able to burn fat and remain energized throughout and after your workout.

Some good food options for workouts are bananas, oatmeal, grapes, low-fat milk, yogurt or even a protein shake.

3. Stay Hydrated

It is recommended that you drink at least 7 ounces of water, 20-30 minutes before your exercise, 8 ounces during and 8 ounces after your workout.

Tip: Get a water bottle that is properly marked to help you achieve the right hydration levels.

During longer workouts, you not only lose water but sodium and potassium, through your sweat. These minerals are necessary for your body's optimal functioning. It is thus, a great idea to take a good electrolyte for longer workouts.

4. Pace yourself

To avoid burn out which can lead to feeling sleepy after exercise. Plan your workouts or seek professional help to plan your workouts. Mix different types of workouts for the best results. Include a warm up and cool down period in your workouts. Determine your workout needs and take up the right kind of exercise. Devoting the right amount of time to it. A 30-minute exercise for beginners is adequate while experienced individuals know what works for them.

5. Seek treatment if you suspect all is not well.


So, is it okay to sleep after a workout? This will depend on a number of factors such as the time of the day, type of workout, and your workout needs.

  • Time of the day

Like it or not, humans are bound by a circadian rhythm. Where the body determines when to sleep and when to wake up. If you are working out in the evening, falling asleep afterward is normal.

  • Type of workout and workout needs

If you have engaged in a rather intense workout, it's okay to sleep afterward. This gives your body time to rest and repair damaged muscles.

  • Your needs

In the end, it all boils down to you. What do you want to achieve from the workout? If you are working out so as to release some pent up energy and fall asleep, then go right ahead.

If you are working out to gain some energy, then sleeping right after shouldn’t be an option. In such an instance you need to evaluate the factors mentioned above. Such as, are you sleeping enough? Eating well? Or properly hydrated?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine whether your sleeping after a workout is coming from a good place or not.

That’s all from us here. Have a successful workout.